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Work and Play the Teton Way!!

Want an amazing career that supports the Jackson lifestyle, then look no further than the amazing Cru opportunities available to you at The Liquor Store of Jackson.


What is a “Cru”?


In French, “cru” generally means growth. When it comes to wine, a “cru” typically delineates a region where a particular wine was grown or it can be used to classify types of wine.

Here at the The Liquor Store, we don’t usually consider ourselves traditionalists, but when it comes to our “cru” of employees, we like to focus on growth.

As an organization we are committed to supporting the growth of our employees in and out of work. We strive to provide clear expectations, phenomenal support, and a pathway to advancement if that is what one of our Cru members desires.

And because TLS is as dedicated to its Cru Members as we expect them to be to customers, we offer competitive wages, benefits, 401k and a generous bonus program.

Additionally, we promote from within! Interested Cru Members have an excellent opportunity to learn and grow--all while still enjoying the spectacular lifestyle that the Tetons has to offer:


  • Cru Member- As a Cru Member, you’re our boots on the ground, and the first face the customer sees.  Helping people find the perfect item to take home excites you. But more than that. You love to continuously learn about new products. Whether you’re greeting customers, organizing the store, or prepping delivery orders, world-class service is at the center of everything you do. You are the heart and soul of TLS and you embody both our company and communal values.


  • Cru Leader- As a Cru Leader, you make daily store operations a breeze. You are the first line of support for Cru Members, and you embody the term “Servant Leadership,” by constantly thinking about how you can better serve customers and fellow employees. Not only have Cru Leaders mastered daily operations, they are ready to take on greater levels of accountability in the business. You contribute to everything from staff education and training to financial forecasting.


  • Cru Manager- As Cru Manager, you are a master Servant Leader and your every interaction is a model world -class service and accountability for Cru Leaders and Cru Members. Other team members can confidently look to you for answers. Moreover, because you are a person of much experience and many talents-- training, product knowledge, events, financial forecasting-- you have the ability to understand and oversee the business at a much broader range, such as in quarterly and strategic planning.